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A Surprise Party for Me!!!

So earlier this week at playgroup it was suggested that we get together with the entire family for a picnic on Saturday (yesterday). Sounded good to me! I like getting together with the playgroup kids, they wear Ike out, thus he naps well. And with Joe there I could sit on my butt the entire time and not have to do anything besides waddle to the bathroom.

Then we talked about playgroup for next week and it was decided that we'd have a water day at Randee's house. Even better. Another playgroup for me to sit on my butt. I told Joe that night that I think they were going to have my baby shower at Randee's (we've had them there before). Little did I know he was gloating.

Yesterday started normal. Got up, Joe and Ike went to swim lessons, and I had the house to myself. I did my Hypbirth and did a little stitching. Mom showed up, Joe and Ike got back, we loaded the van and left. We get to the park and as I'm asking what can I carry, Joe (in his grumpy bastard mode) tells me to just go and sit down. I roll my eyes and wander off to the park with Ike in tow.

I see the Moms sitting around, but no husbands. I'm thinking the men must be chasing their individual children. Yea for us! I get closer and I see someone who looks like Ron stuffing his face. I'm thinking that's odd. Then I see my friend Skeeve, and my grandparents, and the Huie's. A light clicks on. "What's going on?" "Surprise!"

My husband, mother, and friends all pulled off a surprise baby shower. How cool is that!

I know the party was planned at the last second and that many of you were invited and couldn't make it. You were greatly missed. It was a lovely day (fucking hot tho!). And you missed out on some amazing berry torte. =) I got some wonderful presents (I can't wait to play dress up with the girls!) and even Ike made out like a bandit. (He got 2 baby dolls, bottles for them, a sling to carry them around in, and the best present? His own set of maracas. You should of seen his face light up when he saw those!) It was a wonderful party and I think I have the most amazing hubby in the world!

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