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Book Score!

So last Friday, the kids fell asleep in the car on the way to the pool for an afternoon of swimming. Since my favorite used book store is just a couple of blocks down the street from the pool, my Mom said I could go shop while the kids took a little nap. Works for me! I parked them in the shade and headed in.

Since going gluten-free 19 months ago, the thing I seem to be missing the most is Chinese food. I can't eat at most Chinese restaurants, so I have to make it myself. So I decided to check out the stores collection of Chinese cookbooks.

I found a copy of Chef Chu's book . Not only is it a cool book, with great reviews, its an author signed copy in English and Chinese.

I cannot wait to cook with this book.

Now if only the man could get his restaurant to make Gluten-free'd be perfect.

She shoots, she scores!

Okay, I also managed to score the first 5 books of the Young Wizards Series as well. Which is also cool.
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