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My, how nice.

So I've bitched about my friend C here a few times, wondering if I'm reading too much into the things she says. You know, is she being a bitch? Or am I being too sensitive?

We had the girls birthday party yesterday. And thanks to M, I got outside (but not unbiased!) confirmation, that yea, she is being a bitch. It seems that C decided to make what she thought was funny, but ended up being snide commentary, not only about me, but about Ike during the opening of the presents.

Now, making comments about me. I'll let that slide. But about my kid? I don't think so. There is nothing to get or understand about teasing. I caught her son teasing Ike several times throughout the day. I told him to knock it off whenever I caught it. I don't get parents to think teasing is okay anymore. Teasing leads to bullying, and bullying someone gets you shot. (Which, in and of itself, is a sad commentary of our culture. But there you go)  I now get to send her an email giving her a heads up that her son kept saying "Get the 'tards!", and similar things, during the water fight. Oy.

I think she should be glad (or may have just been smart) to not make that commentary where allanh could hear it. I think she would have been bitch-slapped.
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