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Since I've blogged about how cute Ike is being lately. I decided to share what cuteness Elli is up to.

So recently she's been pretending to be a kitty. Fine, whatever. I encourage this. She even has a name when she's a kitty. Her name is Crackers. Here's how she came up with this.

So I'm drying Elli off after a bath and she starts meowing.

E: "Meow, mew, mew"
M: "Oh. Are we being a kitty?"
E: "Meeeeeow!" *big grin on face*
M: "Okay, Kitty. Lets finish drying off and getting ready for bed"
E: "Meow!!!* points at wide open mouth
M: "Are you hungry Kitty?"
E: "Mew" Nods
M: "Okay. What does Kitty want to eat?"
E: *adopts classic Pooh bear "I'm thinking pose"* "Crackers!"
M: "Fishy Crackers?" Elli nods. "Hrm. If you are going to be a Kitty for a long time, you should have a Kitty name. What should your name be?"
E: *goes back to thinking pose* "Crackers!"
M: "That works. Crackers it is!"

Gwen thinks this is hysterical and is trying to think up a good name for when she pretends to be a dog.
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