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Time changes a good way.

8 weeks into my third pregnancy...I bought my first couple of items of "official" maternity clothes*.

When I was pregnant with Ike 6 years ago...there was NOTHING in my size. Nobody carried anything. You could find an XL on occasion, but nothing in the plus sizes. I had to resort to buying clothes in bigger sizes.

When I was pregnant with the girls 3+ years ago...there was a few things available. But my local Motherhood Maternity Clothing store at the mall down the street didn't carry anything. I had to go down to Gilroy to their outlet store to find anything. They had a little bit. No jeans, no underwear, no bras, a couple of tops, 1 style of ugly swim suit. That's it.

Earlier this week I called my local Motherhood Maternity Store at the mall to find out if I needed to make a drive to Gilroy to find some jeans. They said come on over, we've got clothes for you. I went shopping today.  Not only was there a full double wall rack of tops and dresses, there was a small table full of jeans (up to 3X!!!), pants, skirts, and shirts. And it was cute stuff. And they fit "normally" **, I'm still a 2X in their clothes. So I actually walked out with 2 pairs of very well fitting jeans. (They fit as good, if not better than my beloved Levi's) For $100.00. Ouch. I've got plenty of other clothes. I've got granny panties in the next several sizes and lots of dresses and shirts. But since I need them already***, I wanted jeans for winter.

They still don't carry any plus sized nursing clothes...but I don't really need any...its not like I have any modesty or am at all hesitant to flash boob in public. Sorry. I'm going to feed my kid. If it bugs you? Don't look and don't even think of telling me to cover up.

*Side note: Wait I'm wrong. I bought a swim suit with the girls...wonder where that is. I'll need it.
**Clothing's fit varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, Old Navy sizes run small compared to say...Lane Bryant or even Target. A 3X at Old Navy is an XL at Lane Bryant. Very frustrating.
***Yes, my jeans already don't fit. My shorts are fine, but my Levi's? Forget it. My uterus seems to be exploding. I'm told this is normal.
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