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My son, girl charmer.

So I had lunch today with a new Mom friend. Her daughter is in Ike's kindergarden class and we see to have clicked. I like her a lot.

At lunch today she told me something that her daughter told her. Who said.

"Mom. I'm going to be really good friends with Ike. He's such a Baaaaad boy."

I was overcome with giggling fits.

Considering he's been sent home 3 times this week with a note from the teacher...she's nailed him pretty much on the head.*

Got his first girlfriend...So CUTE!

*Ike's acting out at school is kinda, sorta my fault. I let him have a nap Tuesday and he stayed up until 10:30. Last night he was up till 9:30. He's just not getting enough sleep. And he's acting up because of it. We are getting better about that bedtime thing. But I think he's going to have to stop going to TKD with Daddy. I think it just gets out too late and he gets too wired because of it. I'm going to move him to an earlier, afternoon session.

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