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Or rather Sick...

Lets see I've got.

High temperature (101-102 degrees, and that's on Vicodin.)
Chills alternating with sweats
Extremely sore throat
Ear pain
Body aches
Vomiting (although not bad, I've only had one really bad episode so far)

I think that's everything. I've got an appt with my OB this afternoon. I want more Vicodin...its the only thing keeping the migraine tolerable. Straight Tylenol isn't touching it. Nurse on phone thinks I may have strep. Lovely.

I woke up like this yesterday. And I spent the entire day in bed. Not reading, not stitching. Just existing. I called a friend and asked her to come by around 5 and cook for the kids. Not only did she make dinner for them, she made them clean up the dining room and living room. Then she proceeded to sweep my entire kitchen, dining room, and hallway. Then she vacuumed the living room. I have awesome friends. I have to think of something good to do for her.

Joe called in sick today and is being Parent on Duty today. I have an awesome husband.
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