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I was creative today!

So, this morning I found out I've got strep throat. Whee! No wonder I've been feeling so crappy. I spent most of tuesday afternoon and early evening at the hospital trying to IV fluids. Once I got them (after 4 sticks!) I felt much better and my stomach stopped cramping. I could eat! Well. At least a banana.

Yesterday's diet included: a couple of bananas, ginger ale, ice water, and jello. And for dinner a mediumish bowl of homemade beef stew. Yummm.

Today, I wanted Chicken Soup. Lucky me, I can't just open a can of Campbells whenever I want chicken noodle soup. Due to the Celiac's I've got to make it myself. I came up with this.

It took about 20 minutes from conception to feeding my face. I'm sure it could be multiplied, I just made enough for a couple of bowls for me.

Thai Inspired Chicken Soup
1 Tablespoon Canola Oil
1 small onion, small dice
Pinch of salt
2 small carrots, small dice
3 cups chicken stock
2 cups water
1 can chicken breast, water drained into soup, half of chicken smushed and dumped into soup
3-4 fresh ginger pennies (just cut off a couple of slices about a 1/4 of an inch thick)
1/2 teaspoon thai red curry paste
1 Tablespoon fish sauce.
Tea kettle of boiling water.
Small rice sticks in the amount you want to eat.

In soup pot put oil, onions and salt. When onions are soft and are just beginning to brown add carrots. When carrots begin to soften, add stock, water, canned chicken and water, ginger pennies, and curry paste. Gently boil until carrots are cooked as soft as you like

For rice sticks: (This can be done while waiting for onions to cook)
Get out your serving bowl. Put in how much/many noodles as you want to eat. Pour water from tea kettle over noodles. Let them sit in the hot water until you are ready to assemble.

Add the fish sauce to soup. Stir. Drain noodles, and put them back into your bowl. Ladle soup over noodles. Eat.

If I had cilantro, I probably would have thrown in a couple of leaves and a squeeze of lemon or lime would be good too. It was divine and the girls came over and ate some too.



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Oct. 2nd, 2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
Glad You're on the mend. The good news bout strep is that you'll feel better soon now that you have antibiotics.

The soup sounds nom!
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