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From email

I just thought this had to be shared:

From allanh
Subject: Auntie Allan & Unca Wandy to the Wes--I mean, REScue!
This Friday night. We'll bring an entree of some kind. You'll need to make up salad only if you want some. We'll figure out what to make or bring with us later in the week. 8:00 PM work for you?

Joe's (psi_star_psi) response:
That sounds like a great idea. Jenny has a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, where they will discuss induction, so we need to wait until then to make more likely plans.

Randy's Response:
Well, that's the last straw... I know that Army enlistment is down, but if W thinks he can get away with drafting pregnant mothers, it's time to move to Canada! (although I hear that Tikrit is lovely this time of year)

Needless to say I was greatly amused by Randy's response! And I really needed the laugh!

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