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The Occasional Weekly update

1. How far along are you?
Okay, finally got my first appt with the OB and got a definite due date (May 1) and how far along I am (I am fairly irregular when not on the pill), so I currently 7 weeks. Oh and I also found out there is only one baby in residence! WOOT. I am very happy about this, I could not do twins again.

2. What symptoms are you experiencing?
All-day sickness. Its bad when I don't eat, its better for a bit when I do, then comes back with a vengeance after I eat. Bleh. Its gotten better now that I've added Lethicin and Hydrochloric Acid back into my diet....but it still sucks.

3. How are you feeling?
I'm tired. I feel like I did 6 months ago before I got my CPAP. I'm telling my kids to go away waaaaaaay too much. And I need naps!

4. Any appointments coming up?
First class next week and it will schedule my first U/s. I'm demanding asking for the early genetic screening U/s considering my age (I'm 36)

5. Anything big happening in your personal life?
The fact that I figured out I'm not crazy, I do in fact need to start busting out the maternity clothes this early (third pregnancy, first post twins). My jeans do not fit across my lower belly anymore. It hurts. I also  just dropped a chunk of change on new underwear...they don't fit anymore either. The rest of my clothes are fine (I've got plenty of dresses), but I'm trying to hunt down a few pairs of comfy jeans/pants.

6. Questions, comments, complaints, observations?
Not yet, although my 5.5 y.o. son says he wants to be there when the baby is born...he's really curious about how the baby gets out...still hasn't asked how the baby gets in though. =)

7. Show us Belly pictures!
Move along, nothing to see here.
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