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First Update to bigmother

My husband and I decided a couple of months ago that we would no longer try to conceive a fourth child for our family. It was too much stress, and last time I went through the fertility treatments my Dr.'s gave me I ended up with twins. We decided that we'd start the process to become licensed for foster care with the intention of adopting an older baby, sometime next spring. We figured 3 biological kids was enough.

This was supposed to be my farewell and good luck posting.

The universe in its perverse sense of wisdom decided otherwise.

I just found out 2 days ago that I'm pregnant. And we weren't even trying. 

So I guess I'll be around for a bit longer!

This is my third pregnancy, my fourth baby. I weigh less than I did when I caught the first, more than when I caught the twins. As of this morning I'm at 298. My oldest is 5, my twins just turned 3 last saturday.  This will be interesting.

1. How far along are you?
7 weeks

2. What symptoms are you experiencing?
Indigestion, well, actually, its reverse morning sickness, as long as I don't eat, I feel fine. Once I start eating my stomach hurts and I get all burpy. Lets see what else? Headache,  fatigue, boob sensitivity (though this is a good thing =)), gas

3. How are you feeling?
I'm still reeling a bit. I'm awfully shocked that this happened since I've known that I've been infertile since I was 17. Fertility was not involved in this pregnancy. But happy. I wanted another baby, but I was finished with the mourning process of not ever having another. So I'm kinda all over the place.

4. Any doctor's appointments this week and how did they go?
Not this week. First is scheduled for 2 weeks from now.

5. Anything big going on in your personal life (family, work related, moving, etc)?
Birthdays last week and this.

6. Any questions?
Anybody got a "Not just fat, but pregnant" icon I can steal?

7. Any belly pictures?
Not yet. Its all fat right now.

8. Food cravings?
No, I'm actually not wanting to eat, but I eat when hungry.

9. Favourite thing about being pregnant this week?
What a surprise!

10. Least favourite thing about being pregnant this week?
The stomach pain/burpy thing. It sucks.
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