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OB update

So I'm just now getting back from the OB. I'm at 3 cm (yea), but since I'm not his patient and I'm still healthy, he won't induce me (dammit, didn't eat enough salt at lunch). And to top it off I can't get in to see my normal OB until the 22nd (This really fuckin' sucks). Her taking a vacation has really thrown my appts into the crapper.

Anything to be happy about? Well, he stretched my cervix (man that hurt) and stripped my membranes. Hopefully that will kick me into labor. I'm getting really sick and tired of these people being parasites, I'm ready for them to become remoras!

Oh and to top it off, Ike is in fine form today. If he lives to see Daddy tonight it will be a miracle. Lucky for him he fell asleep about a half an hour ago.

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