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So maybe there's something to that commercial...

You know the one produced by the "Yes on 8" schmucks. Where they try to scare parents by saying they will have to teach about gay marriage in public school's in 2nd grade? Well....they may be onto something.

On Friday Ike's school had their BIG fundraiser for the year. Its a walk-a-thon*. I actually supported this fundraiser, because unlike the rest of the 6 or 7 we'll have during the rest of the school year, we get to keep 100% of the funds raised. Its a 1/10 mile track and Ike did 19 laps (just so we know for next year).

When I picked Ike up he was really excited about the day and how well he did. He was also really excited about the really cool dances the P.E. Teacher taught them for their warm-up.

"We learned to dance, to a song, that goes. Y! M! C! A!, and then one that goes like this." He proceeds to throw his backpack on the ground and starts doing the Macarena. I turned to one of the other parents and said.

"Wow! They've started Queer Studies in Kindergarden already! I knew I liked this school."

I got a big laugh.

*P.S. If anybody still wants to support the walk-a-thon, feel free to cut a check to Oak Grove School District and mail it to me by friday. I'll throw it in the collection envelope.
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