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Thoughts on current physical limitations

I came to a conclusion today regarding my energy levels for the duration (26 Weeks to go!) I can:

Cook and Clean


I can chase kids

I don't have the energy nor physical ability to do both.

In between my last two pregnancies, Joe managed to semi-dislocate my left hip in what has got to be one of the silliest sex injuries ever. When I was pregnant with the girls, the strained ligaments from that injury said "You are not allowed to walk on me." By the time I hit 20 weeks, it was extremely painful to stand, walk, or put any pressure on that hip. It was so bad I got a temporary handicapped placard in my car so I wouldn't have to walk much. I used the power scooters for shopping (Those are fun!). And almost immediately after having the girls, I got better.

Lucky me, that injury is starting to raise its ugly head again. So I'm resting as much as I can, I've lightened up my workout, and I'm trying not to walk extreme distances without sufficient rest, and I sit instead of standing as much as possible. I've also decided to set up weekly chiropractor appts to keep my hip where it belongs and fix compensation hurts.

I've really developed a fear of falling this pregnancy, mostly because I already have (easy fall, slipped on a toy, didn't really get hurt, but my knee was NOT happy with me). One of the compensation hurts of this injury is weakness in the opposite hip. There's a deep muscle in my right butt cheek, that likes to collapse randomly while walking. Most of the time I catch myself. Last night at the mall* I nearly fell. After that I kept a strong grip on Joe's arm.

I need to remember to be nice to myself. I'll be better when my passenger shows up.



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Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:28 am (UTC)
I suspect if you could manage to bring in a person to clean at least for a couple of weeks, you'd have a slightly more calming environment for all concerned. I know it soundns like a luxury, but I think it would really make a (positive) difference for you.

On LJ, there's pup_ajax, who's a professional housecleaner in SF (you or Joe would have to pick him up and drop him off at Caltrain or BART).

I *might* (and I stress that word very strongly) be able to convince pony to put in some servitude at your place over a weekend...but you'd need to dangle Joe as a lure. (Not that that would be a problem; I just felt full disclosure was necessary.)
Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
Joe has actually been catching up the slack as necessary. Today he chased kids and did laundry. I cleaned the kitchen, did hand wash only dishes, helped with laundry, and cooked a surprisingly involved dinner (took 90 minutes to assemble a tuna noodle cassarole. Mostly because I have to make the cream of fungus soup from scratch.) My mom will catch some slack too as needed.

Can't afford a house cleaner. As lovely as it sounds.

Not that I'll turn down some help from pony for the heavy work. We have rooms to swap around. Lots of lifting involved.
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