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Tempus Fugit

I cannot believe its been 10 years.

10 years ago, I married the most wonderful man in the Universe. And better yet, he married me!  I cannot imagine life without him. I'd like to spend more mornings waking up with him...but eventually the kids will grow up and learn to sleep in their own beds, and then I'll have him all to myself again. But until then, I have the best companion I could ever have imagined walking with me on the path of life.

Its been a wonderful ten years...and I'm looking forward to the next decade, and the many decades after that.

I love you dearest!
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    To Allanh I hope you have a great birthday sweetie! It seems to have started off very well!

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    To the most wonderful man in the world...and to make it even better, he married me. I love you dearest!

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    A loud birthday shout out to allanh . I hope you have a great day hunny!

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