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Okay, so I've been losing my mucus plug in bits and pieces for the last week. This morning I get up, go pee, attempt to wipe and spend the next 5 minutes trying to clean up a huge chunk of the stuff.

Normally I'm actually impressed with the cool things my body can do. Not only can I create food, I can create people! This mucus plug crap is not one of the cool things. Its like trying to clean up the snot that comes out of your nose when you have a cold. Only its not coming from your nose. Messy and definitely wrong feeling.

But as many people have said (and its true). Birth is a messy, bloody, business. Those without a strong constitution should not apply.

All in all, this is a good thing. It means I'm getting ready to go into labor (soon I bloody well hope). The Book says possiblily within 24 hours. This would be a Good Thing.

Just found out that Joe was up half the night. That definitely means I'll be going into labor today. There's no way in hell the universe would allow Joe to be fully rested when I go into labor. Especially considering what happened with Ike's birth.

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