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Gods above I love Vicodin!

So about a year ago I had (what turned out to be) a botched pedicure.  I'm never going to a cheap place where no one speaks english again. Last February I went to the podiatrist to take care of an ingrown toenail really close to the base of the big toe on my left foot. Several shots, a tourniquet, and what I thought was too much blood, it was taken care of. I took a shitload of ibuprofen, spent two days on crutches (cause it hurt to put full weight on it), and it was all better.

I now have two ingrown toenails (one on each big toe), near the top and after dealing with some pain, I gave in and called for another appointment. I had to wait a month. This is one of those times I really hate Kaiser. (But I now realize that if it was really that bad, I should have said, give me soonest appt, I don't care who does it, instead of asking for "My Doctor") Anyway I went in this afternoon (aside: I have a very cool friend in L, she stopped by to visit and bring Xmas pressies for the kids and she stayed with them so I didn't have to pay for childcare. Now that's a Xmas pressie for me!) he looked at my feet and said. Okay, no problem, have this taken care of in 15 minutes. I said cool. Then he said something about injections.

Oh crap. I have to go through all that again? Fuck!

I decided that he should do only one toe, and I had him do the really painful one. On my right foot. It was done quickly (Fuck those nerve block shots HURT!), I rushed home (was only gone an hour) popped a vicodin, 'cause I  knew that when the anesthesia wore off it was going to hurt something awful. I also pulled the crutches out of my closet.

Then the shots wore off before the vicodin kicked in. OWWWWW

Now that the vicodin has kicked in, its down to a tolerable throbbing, rather than a needle piercing pain.

I'd prefer ibuprophen, it does a better job of taking care of swelling...but I'll take vicodin if that's the only thing I've got available.

Oh and I'm really glad I didn't do both feet. I nearly puked at the end of the second shot as it was....
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