aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Things I want for Christmas

Just in case someone is wondering

I'm starting to see similar posts in other places, and I figured...what the heck. I'll post mine here.

In no particular order.

1. I need three custom cuts from Silkweaver Fabrics
-a 22 x 27.25 inch Golden Promise 32 ct linen
-a 22 x 24.75 inch Golden Promise 32 ct linen
Note: These need to be ordered at the same time as it is for 2 companion pieces
-a linear half yard (18 x width of fabric, its 55 inches wide I think) cut of Heritage 32 ct linen (its for And They Sinned)
2. Two thread packs for "And they sinned" (Again, purchased at the same time so its in the same dyelot) from Wyndham Needleworks
3. Chart for "Zippity Do-Da" by La-D-Da
4. Chart and Threads for "My Sunshine" by La-D-Da
5. Chart for "And a Garden Grew" by Rosewood Manor
6. 3 in 1 craft light from Ott Lite

And as always. Gift Certificates to either Needle in a Haystack, Elegant Stitch or Vicki Clayton Silks would be WONDERFUL

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