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Copy of official email sent out.

January 2005

Press Release

JoeNJen Inc. Ltd.

JoeNJen are proud to announce a successful double
launch of their new beta products:

Dadeks v. 3.02 & 3.03

Dadeks v. 3.02
Marketed name: Eleanor Quinn Dadek
Internal name: Elli
Date of Launch:Aug 16, 2005
Size: 6lb, 14oz, 19in

Dadeks v. 3.03
Marketed name: Gwendolyn Hazel Dadek
Internal name: Gwen
Date of Launch:Aug 16, 2005
Size: 5lb, 9 oz, 19 in

Thank you for your support!

I know that many of you have offered to help in the
next few weeks/months. Joe and I have set up a
calendar, please email or call us with the dates you'd
like to come by and either morning, afternoon, or
evening. We'll let you know where we pencil you in!

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