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Tentative Christmas Dinner Menu

Just in case I lose my papers, I'll remember what in the hell I came up with.

Number of people confirmed: 13 (including my kids)
Number of maybe people: 3

Chips and Dip
Cheese & Cracker plate (featuring Joe's Mom's Ham Roll)
Salt and Pepper Cashews
Other nuts

Meat (I haven't decided what to make yet. Will depend upon number of people. I think its at too many people for just a Standing Rib Roast)
Mash potatoes and gravy
Spicy Sweet Potato and Bacon Casserole (Cooks Country, 109) (This sounded too good. Must try it. It has bad can it be?)
Waldorf Salad (Cook's Country, 33) (can be doubled or tripled)
Green Bean Casserole (Cook Country, 86)
Garlicky Greens
If more people RSVP, I'll add more veges.

Homemade (and kid decorated as appropriate) cookies
Candy (Homemade and commercial)
Homemade Pie (?)
Ice Cream
Cranberry Apple Crisp? (depends on the number of people I think) (Cook's Country, 554)
Indian Pudding? (Haven't done that in a long time...good stuff, and crock pot-able)
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