March 7th, 2005


Oy! I hurt.

I went to the SF Quilting Guild's Show with my MIL, my Mom, and my Mama Carol. Beautiful quilts, but all that walking around! I did find a $1250.00 featherweight sewing machine to drool over. What can I say it was metallic purple. It was gorgeous!!! And since I don't sew much I couldn't see justifying the purchase to Joe, even though it would be just too cool to own. It was sooooo pretty!

Its been a really long weekend. We ate out every night my in-laws were in town. I like eating out every once in awhile, but not every night. Bleh. My stomach is really complaining. But Fred's was fab-u-lous! (Okay, so I can't bloody spell) One of my favorite events of the year and I always get to see my favorite people. This year was extremely entertaining with impending baby announcement (not mine, we already know about me!) and an impending handfasting! To which I must apologize to kineticphoenix. I was rude when she told me that she and her sweetie were getting married. I won't repeat what I said, but upon later reflection, I found I had given myself a nasty case of athlete's foot in my gum line. I'm sorry sweetie! I abase myself at your feet. I am truly happy for you! I am unbelieveibly joyful that you've found someone to share your life with. You deserve to be happy!
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So to Finish...

Where was I? Oh yea, Fred's

I got to see my ET! I haven't seen her or her sweetie (who is in fact a sweetie) in 18 months. Waaaaaay to long for Evil Twins to be apart. What can I say, she's got a full life and I have a 2 y.o. 'Nuff said. But I do miss her greatly and was overjoyed to see her.

Conversations at Fred's are always...well...interesting. I can handle talking about how different foods affect the taste of either male or female cum. I like finding out new things to either eat or feed to Joe. But what I couldn't quite deal with was having this conversation sitting next to my MIL. Or other various similar conversations in front of my grandparents. Its not like I think these people don't have sex. I have evidence that they have a few or more times. And I don't have a problem thinking that they still have sex. In fact, I hope they do. It gives me hope. What wierds me out is talking about what my mother calls "wierd shit" in front of them. It's like I don't want them to know what I know.

On the other hand, I love having those convo's around my mother. I like the shade of red she turns. Maybe its just some wierd, leftover, teenage "squick Mom!" desire. And yes, she is fun to squick. This is a woman whose views of the only allowable, the only normal sex, is slightly reminiscent of the married sex scene in "Like water for chocolate." Male on top of the female only, the pre-sex praying, the sheet with the embroidered hole, in other words the pure procreating act. The hell with any fun.

Gotta love Catholicism of the 20th century. If sex isn't like that, its sinful, so you should feel quilty.

Long weekend behind me, long week in front of me. At least I got smart and made arrangements for Ike to spend some time at one of the Mom's house later this week so I can get a decent nap. I just have to hold it together until then.
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