June 22nd, 2005

Have you seen Joe's Tux?

So on Sunday I went shopping with my mom. While we were out I found a garment bag to hold Joe's good suit and Tux 'cause he doesn't wear them often and the shoulders get dusty. That night I went to the closet grabbed Joe's suit and stuck it in the bag. I went back to the closet to grab the tux.

No Tux.

I go through the closet. Nothing. No pants, no jacket, no vest, no shirt.

I ask Joe. "Where's your tux?" He looks at me quizzically and says "In the closet." "Nope."

Strange things are afoot at the circle k friends.

As near as we can figure the last time Joe wore that tux was for his cousin Mary's wedding...almost 3 years ago. (And what a craptacular wedding that was!) I don't remember taking it to the cleaners, hell we can't even remember if it made it home! So now we are inquiring various family and friends if they've seen it. Maybe we lent it out. I dunno. How in the hell do you misplace a $500.00 suit?
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