April 27th, 2006

Book Review: The Fat Girl's Guide to Life

By Wendy Shanker

This book rocks! It isn't just a "F*ck you! I'm fat, deal with it!" book. It was actually a well thought out book that made lots of points worth remembering.

For example. If Weight Watchers (and every other weight loss plan) had a plan that actually worked, they'd be out of business. They depend upon the 80%+ recivitism rate.

Skinny people are jealous of fat people. They wish they could eat the way they think we do. So they take it out on us by being bitchy.

Sedentary skinny people are more likely to die early than active overweight people.

Start bitching at J. Crew, the Gap, and Janeville management to start producing clothes in plus sizes. When the overwhealming majority of American women wear size 12 and above, you'd think they'd see the market share they are missing. Hot Topic understands this. They opened Torrid. (Cool clothes, but designed for teenagers and people in their 20's, not 34 y.o. moms) Where the hell is my market?

Just an overall good read and made me feel good about myself at the end.
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Finally bought it

I got a Fuji E900 digital camera. I've been playing with it and I've determined that it doesn't like to take pictures in my living room. If I go outside, or any other room in my house, great pics. In the living room? Fuzzy, blurry pics. Wierd!

Oh & here are a couple of pics of Christmas stockings I just finished for the girls

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