May 23rd, 2007

Kids say the darndest things

I've maintained that my in-laws (who live 3000 miles away) see my kids more often than they see my Dad (who lives in Fresno and is less that 150 miles away). Well, now that my SMFH* is gone Dad will be visiting more often.

So he came over last week to spend the afternoon. He knocked on the screen door and I told Ike "Go see who it is, I'm in the middle of changing Elli's diaper." He runs out of the room, says "Hi!" and comes back to me stating loudly "Its just Uncle Barry."


Why is this funny? My Uncle Barry is my Dad's youngest brother, and they haven't gotten along in almost 30 years!

I'll give my Dad credit though, he didn't get mad. His response? "I'll have you know I'm better looking than Uncle Barry!"

Sibling rivalry never dies does it?

*Step-Mother From Hell

Still sick.

Grrr. I'm tired of being sick. I know I've only been on the anti-biotics since Sunday, but still. I want to feel better!

At least my ears are starting to pop alot. The pressure is easing up and doesn't hurt as much. I just hate feeling so yucky.
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Holy Crap!

Its a miracle!

All three kids are asleep!

Okay, now for the giggle. Joe was walking over to my computer and I switched windows and he says "Stop. I wanted to see that icon."
"The one in my email?"
"Yea, I wanted to see who it was, looked tasty"
"That was you dipwad!"
"Oh, so I was right."
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