April 23rd, 2008

call in sick

Dentist Visit-Bleh

So because I blew $5K on Ike's mouth last year, I never made it back to the Dentist like I should have. I finally made it back last month and they decided that I needed "DEEP cleaning" under my gums, under novocaine, with lasers. Bleh. So I got up really early for my 8 AM appt.  (Let us note that I am beyond tired, I am deeply, physically exhausted.) This becomes relevant later. As per usual for new procedures I get...ummmm...worked up. Alright, so I flip out okay? So Gloria started shooting up my mouth with novocaine, a lot of novocaine, and I start to cry. I hate it when I get blubbery for no real reason. And the more exhausted I get, the less control I have over tears.

And as it turned out, it was pretty much for nothing. When they said Deep Cleaning, they meant "We are going to do an old style cleaning with the picks, and then follow it up with a laser pick."  not "we are going to use a laser knife to lay your gums open and scrape out all the dead stuff" The biggest problem is that the novocaine didn't really kick in until she was almost done. I have this wonderful ability I inherited from my Dad to fight off sedation and painkillers. It also takes more of them than usual for any affect. And I metabolize it quicker than usual. (This also makes me a cheap date...one beer and I'm plastered, but I'm sober quick too) So now that I know what the hells going to happen for the next three appts (they split it up into 4 and do 1 quadrant each time), it should go much easier.

I drove home in a daze and collapsed back into bed. Joe was "Wonder Husband" once again, and took the kids to the gym so I could sleep it off. (I also had a really bad night of sleep on top of it) He was back noonish, I took Ike to school and was back here at 2 and the Babysitter was waiting for me. I ran out for some soup and came back home and crashed for another 90 minute nap.

I'm still tired, but the bright light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that sometime next week I should be getting my smart CPAP so I can finally get treated for the sleep apnea.
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