May 10th, 2008

CPAP Night 2 Notes

Used the full face mask again. I only had .5-1 nostril fully functioning.

I slept fine from 11:30(?) to 5 this morning. That was the first time I had to wake up to blow my nose. Then I was up and down from 5 until I got up at 8. It wasn't the nose blowing that was causing a problem. The problem was that the machine kept ramping up the pressure. So I'd fall asleep, 20 minutes later the pressure increased to the point that the mask was literally blowing off my face and breaking seal. I'd have to blow my nose again, reposition, and tighten down the straps. Wash, rinse, repeat for 3 hours. At 8 my back hurt too much to sleep anymore.

So how do I feel? Tired. When I woke up at 5, I felt pretty good. But the three hours of constant adjustment wasn't very restful. My jaw hurts because I had to pull the straps so tight. And I have a headache due to the mask pressing into my face.

I think my sinuses are rebelling at being forced to function. I've had a constant runny nose since I woke up yesterday, that only cleared up after swimming for about 45 minutes. How is the CPAP supposed to get a true reading when its working against clogged sinuses?