May 11th, 2008

CPAP Night 3 Notes

Nasal Mask last night. Only had one functioning nostril, despite irrigating it about an hour before bed.

I don't like the nasal mask.

The model they gave me is just a smidge too small. I had a hard time getting to to seal off unless I strapped it very tightly on my head. I have a pressure mark right on the bridge of my nose that is giving me a headache. And it hurts like hell. Even tightly strapped on, if I turned my head without picking up my head from the pillow, my head would rotate in the straps, the mask wouldn't come with me and the seal would break. Vexing. My neck is sore from having to hold it rigidly throughout the night. I also didn't like the feeling in my throat due to the pressure difference between my nose and my mouth, when I opened my mouth to cough or speak, I felt like I was choking. I've got some nasty tension in my jaw which I think comes from the desperate attempt to keep my mouth closed because of that feeling.

So how was the sleep?

Pretty good actually. But the physical aches from the night is killing my groove. Now I just need about a month of it I think before I start to feel better. I think I'm adjusting to it well, I like the being able to breathe thing. I think this experimentation is just going to drive me nuts.

I like the full face much better...that pressure difference is very uncomfortable.
She who cooks

This Weeks Menu

May 11-17

Sunday: Pasta Carbonara (made with english peas and eggs from the CSA)
Monday: Chicken and Veggie Stir fry (garlic, broccoli, and Mei Quing Choi (big bok choy) from CSA)
Tuesday: Brisket, Boiled Red Potatoes, and green salad (salad greens, fennel, fava beans, and red onions from CSA)
Wednesday: Mac & Cheese (kids) Eggs of some sort (adults) (Eggs from CSA)
Thursday: Leftovers (gotta clean out fridge for the new box)
Friday: Pizza and Salad (MNO?)
Saturday: BBQ, Potato Salad, and something else from new box
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