November 1st, 2008

She who cooks

This Week's Menu

We didn't even eat dinner last night. Okay, wait. Joe and I very intelligently ate a bowl of stir fry leftovers. The kids ate nothing but a boat load of Halloween Candy. Ike passed out first, then Elli, Gwen held out munching candy until 11. Oy. All candy is now hidden.

Saturday: The Pizza and Salad I was supposed to make last night
Sunday: Tuna Noodle Cassarole
Monday: Greens and Chicken with Peanut Sauce (note to self, must go to asian market soon, need rice)
Tuesday: Beef Stew in Crockpot
Wednesday: Burrito Bowls
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday:  Pizza (is this a great 10th anniversary dinner plan or what?)
Saturday I don't care! I won't be here. Grandma is on her own!