November 12th, 2008

She who cooks

Experiments in Cooking

So awhile ago hitchhiker  gave cjsmith  a recipe for Palak Paneer. Which I made...I thought it was very good, but I wasn't successful in treating the ricotta cheese sufficiently so that it wouldn't fall apart when I went to fry it.

I don't remember where I saw the instructions but someone said that you can put the ricotta in a pan and bake it for about a half an hour, which would firm it up enough to use in the recipe. I tried that. It didn't work.

Last week I got 3 bunches of cooking greens in my CSA box. One being spinach. Time for Palak Paneer!

So this time I baked the ricotta in a glass bread pan, for about an hour at 350, (basically I let it sit there until the moisture wasn't bubbling out anymore), then turned off the heat and left it there for another couple of hours until I could deal with it. It was perfect. Sliced up beautifully, it was already a golden brown on the exposed edges, so I didn't bother frying it. I just cubed it up and tossed it in the recipe. Worked great! W00T I get to skip a step and it makes the recipe that much faster.

I also used a mix of spinach (wasn't enough in the package) and dinosaur kale sliced fine.  Also worked great. The kids ate the greens as long as it was covered in the sauce from the Tikka Masala, and none of them liked the baked ricotta. I give props to Elli, who actually put it in her mouth and chewed (unlike the other two). She spit it out...but at least she tried it.

Also, I found that using bacon grease does nothing to improve the flavor of the dish. (My mom made bacon in my cast iron pan this weekend and since it was sitting around, I decided to try it rather than get another pan dirty)

Eat that thing

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

I got the latest copy of "Living Without" this afternoon. Its a magazine dedicated to people with food allergies and I get it for the gluten free recipes (about 99% of them). So while I ate dinner I perused it. In the letters to the editor section, someone wrote in saying they had really good gluten-free pizza at a place called Amicis East Coast Pizza. Which is based in Northern California.


Googled the name, found there's a restaurant in Downtown San Jose. I gave them a quick call and confirmed that they do in fact serve gluten-free pizza.


Friday is Mom's Night Out. I'm asking that we go there so I can have the first non-homemade pizza in almost 2 years.


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