November 16th, 2008

She who cooks

Bonus Fudge!

So Ike has been pestering me to make him a pumpkin pie. And I've been putting him off.

Today, I had the time and inclination, so I made him a pumpkin pie.

Or at least I tried to. I didn't notice that I grabbed the wrong type of canned milk until I cracked open the can of Sweetened Condensed Milk. I was supposed to grab a can of Evaporated Milk. Crap. Now what do I do with the open can.


*light bulb*

I'll make fudge!

So I made a batch of Microwave Fudge. It didn't set up like it usually does (I've parked it in the Microwave where the kids can neither see nor get to it), but the oven's been on all afternoon. So its a really nice soft fudge.

Yum. Fudgy goodness!

Now that he's cleaned and vacuumed the living room. I'll give him some as a bonus goodie.
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She who cooks

I am such a cooking geek

I'm already prepping for Thanksgiving. For dinner tonight I roasted 6 turkey legs (they came 3 per package, and I wasn't sure how much meat the kids would eat, so I got 2. Pretty cheap too, for turkey parts).  I scraped the drippings in the roasting pan into a container and stuck it in the fridge so I can make gravy Thanksgiving afternoon. The kids and I ate about 2 legs. I deboned the other 4 legs and roasted all the leg bones and various leftover non-meat bits in the oven for about 45 minutes. Right now they are sitting in my smallest stockpot and I'm making turkey stock for soup and gravy.

Am I a geek or what?

Note to self.

Must find way to scrape up money to buy a subscription to the Unique Lives 2009 Series. Although Caroline Kennedy was boring as hell, I think next years slate of women should be fascinating.

Gloria Steinem March 9
Carol Burnett March 23
Marlee Matlin April 27
Sarah Culberson* May 18
Madeline Albright June 4

*I had to look this lady up...I had no idea who she was.

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