December 3rd, 2008


Well that sucked

The icon shows what I was doing earlier.

I think I had a bad reaction to the anesthetic. My foot and leg (mid calf down) swelled. Badly. I wasn't going to bother changing the dressing on my toe because it hurt so much.

Then I went to bed. And I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep even with a vicodin in me. And I was freezing cold. So I hobbled out to the dining room, Joe kindly filled a basin with warmish/hot water, I cut the dressing off and stuck my foot into the water.

I started bleeding like a stuck pig and began bawling because of the pain. After about a 10 minute crying jag (during which Joe made me hot chocolate, wonderful man that he is) it stopped hurting so much, I dried off my foot (noticing part of the reason why it hurt so much is that he had to clip through skin this time) and re-dressed it with a much looser bandage.

I think the foot swelling combined with the original snug bandage is what caused the majority all the pain.

I'm tired, I'm cold (but no longer shivering), but my foot no longer hurts nearly as much as it did.

I'm hoping I can sleep now.

And I'm hoping the cat and kids stay the hell off of it tonight.
Fat and Pregnant

Pregnant Food

Tonight's dinner was one of those eating sessions where you could tell I'm pregnant. I ate:

2 bean (homemade refried!) and cheese tacos with a load of hot taco sauce
a bowl and a half of cucumber salad (sliced cukes, kalamata olives, sliced peppercini peppers, red wine, olive oil, greek seasoning)
leftover candied sweet potatoes
half of a leftover quesdilla
a cup of hot chocolate (Thank you allanh  for introducing me to Ovaltine!)

And I ate it all standing up while making burritos and quesdillas for everyone else.

None of that really goes together does it?

But it tasted really, really good.

I think I'll top it off with a triangle of scharffenberger.

She who cooks

More food thoughts

Now that we are no longer receiving boxes from Live Earth, I'm thinking it might behoove me to start thinking waaaay ahead for menus. I have what seems like an amazing amount of food stuffed into my freezer, and I want to actually use it (what a concept huh?). I have an inventory on the outside of the freezer. I want to eat as much as possible out of the freezer for the next couple of months, for a couple of reasons. First, if I eat food I've already paid for, I'll reduce my grocery bill (This week's grocery bill really reflected a HUGE difference). Second, I need to make room for all the stuff that will start rolling in next spring. If I don't eat what's in there, I won't have room for new stuff.

I don't know if I want to do a whole month (or heck, just the rest of the month) but it might help a lot if I come up with 30 (or so) dinner ideas, based on what I have socked away and then plan weekly menus accordingly.

Okay so I went through my inventory sheets and came up with this list. Its almost 30 items long and its a good start and should put a big dent into my freezer. If I want to put in a bigger dent, I should plan some desserts too. I've got LOTS of frozen fruit too. I may add that later.

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Edit # 2: Desserts

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