October 31st, 2009

She who cooks

This Week's Menu

Saturday: Pasta with Red Sauce and Spinach
Sunday: Avegolemono
Monday: Crock Pot Pizza Soup (365 I've ordered the cookbook, I can't wait to get it!)
Tuesday: Tuna Noodle Cassarole
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Pizza

Things might get shifted around.
MnM Librarian

Homeschooling Plans Nov 2-6

Verse Autumn Leaves ACT 48
Spanish Bi 420
Yoga AB 57
Music Twinkle Little Star
Handwork: Knitting

Ike: Letter F, Next Part of Wise Sophia and The Little Fish (99), Draw F Fishes in MLB
E&G: Crumbs on the Table Earth, 382
Baking Day: GF Bread and something for dessert
Handwork Day (during Quiet time) Starting Ike on knitting

Ike: Eurythmy class @ Morning Glory. Narrate and Summarize The Little Fish, put summary in MLB
E&G:  See Monday
Form Drawing: Castle form
Painting Day: Fish!

Ike: Letter H, Next Part of Wise Sophia and The Hut in the Forest (101), Draw H Huts in MLB
E&G: See Monday
Modeling Day: Huts
TKD: Ike @ 3:00 and Girls @ 3:30

Ike:  Narrate and Summarize the Hut in the Forest, put summary in MLB
E&G: See Above
Form Drawing: Castles
Copywork Day: Autumn Leaves ACT 48

Ike: Forest Friday at Sanborn Park
E&G: MOPS with Me
Library Day
Kidspark for everyone after Library. Its Date Night.

So what did I accomplish on last weeks goals for me?
Knit some on Gwen's Hat
Read another chapter of "Power of Stories"
Cleaned Ike's room and made it easier for him to keep up.

Not on the list but accomplished
Practiced my Recorder twice.
Vacuumed and cleaned both bathrooms
Kept the girls room picked up
Didn't kill anybody.

I guess something is better than nothing.

This Week's Goals!
Knit some on Gwen's Hat (I'm on a time crunch. I need it finished by the Martinmas lantern walk (Nov 12)
Stitch some on Gray's Stocking
Read another chapter of "Power of Stories"
Finish current lecture in "Rhythms of Learning"
Practice Recorder at least twice this week.
Draw! I haven't worked on my drawing skills in awhile.