November 8th, 2009

Typhoid Mary


I'm a suspected case of H1N1!!! Yea

Called Kaiser this morning 'cause I woke up with the familiar "oh shit, I've got another sinus infection" headache. Got a phone appointment with a Doctor. He asked about the cold symptoms I've had and he says "I want you to come in, I think you've got H1N1"

Woo. Hoo.

Like I really want to leave the house to go to the clinic. The place is full of sick people! =)
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Homeschooling Plans Nov 9-13

This week's plans are a bit up in the air as Ike and I are still sick and we may just be recovering for a few days. But my basic plans

Keep up with the extended copy work project
Practice last weeks form drawing
Read/tell a Saint Martin Story, but a drawing into the MLB, narrate and summarize the next day.
Make Lanterns for Martinmas Lantern Walk on Thursday*
Make a trip to Goodwill to donate our extra clothes that we don't need anymore.
And if we don't get to any of it due to illness...that's okay.

*I had planned on doing a cool tissue paper and glue and balloon lanterns, but based on the way we are feeling, we may have to do something else. I've got a couple of ideas.