January 30th, 2010

Oh my.

I thought that Gray was only cutting 2 teeth. WRONG! He's cutting 4. Both the top 2 and bottom 2 are coming in at the same time. This kid seems to grow in bursts. Oy. Poor kid.

Homeschooling This Week

Month of February: Language Arts Block
Spanish for month:
 (Cante 42)

Homeschooling plans for the week of February 1-5
Music for the week: Hickory Dickory

Ike: The Letter D and Hansel and Gretel  (First Grade 114) Draw a G Goose in MLB
Elli and Gwen: Gnomes and Root Babies  (they get this story all week) (BTJ 42)
Baking: Braided Bread (BTJ 42)
Afternoon: Birthday Card for Aunt Susan

    * TKD for Elli and Gwen (I've got to figure out when Ike can go.)

Ike: Narrate and Summarize. Copy summary into MLB
Form Draw; First Grade page 114
Painting: Blue Hides her Face (WHE color story) Didn't get to this last week.

    * Ike: Eurythmy at MGWS at 8:40AM
    * Ike: Vision Therapy @ 2PM
    * Girls: Off to M's at 1:30

Ike: The Letter R and Ruplestiltskin  R's into MLB
Afternoon: Milk Carton Bird Feeders
  • All: Co-op at Lincoln Glen Park @10AM
  • Sand Candles for Candlemas
Ike: Narrate and Summarize, Copy summary into MLB
Form Drawing: First Grade 114
Copywork: this week's Music
Afternoon:  Something we didn't get to earlier

Ike: Forest Friday
Elli and Gwen: KidsPark
Library Day

Last week's Goals
Practice Recorder Twice
Finish First Lord's Fury
Finish Temperaments in Education
Request St. Francis Book from library
Work on
[info]mollygm  daughter M's hat (Third try is the charm).
Paint with the kids this week

This Week's Goals
Practice Recorder twice
Work on m's hat (after I rip out 4 rows, I just caught a mistake. Argh!)
Finish Lifeways.
MnM Ike

You've got to be kidding

I knew Ike was pretty skinny, but I didn't realize he is THAT skinny.

He just put on a pair of GRAYSON's knit pants.

And they fit in the waist.

It was a bit of a stretch (intended) in the legs...but there was room in the waist!!!!