June 12th, 2010

rose wtf

Has anybody else noticed this?

I placed an order to Powells, 'cause they had a picture book I wanted cheap. Duh. Well in order to qualify for free shipping, I just had to order more books. (I know, its a tragedy). So I order a few of the Harry Dresden's that we didn't have. And the second Codex Alera series that Butcher wrote. When they showed up, I went to put them in the bookcase (for those of you who have never been to my house, we have this HUGE bookcase dedicated to paperback fantasy and scifi. Double stacked, in alphabetical order, of course.) and they DIDN'T FIT!!! They are a good half inch taller than the standard paperback book. And yes, they are both Butcher books, but its two different publishers.

Is this a new "standard" size? Has anyone else come across this? Its annoying as hell let me tell you!