July 22nd, 2010

Someday he'll think its funny

I was sitting in my chair outside reading a book while the kids were playing. Gray's playing in a puddle, Gwen's on the swing, Elli's practicing the monkey bars, Ike is banging nails into a tree stump with his hammer. Everyone is happy and having fun.

Then I hear a loud "OW!!!" and some tears. Ike stands up and starts to walk over.

"What's the matter hunny?"

I then notice the red line across his forehead...I begin to suspect something.

"I hurt myself"

I have to cover my mouth at this point 'cause I'm trying hard not to laugh.

"Ike. Did you hit yourself in the head with the hammer?'

He nods tearing up a bit and desperately trying not to grin.  "yea."

"Ike did you hit that stump so hard that the hammer bounced back and hit you?" "Yes Mommy"

I laughed. I'm a bad Mommy, I couldn't help it. He got mad 'cause I was laughing at him.  "Don't laugh at me Mommy! Its not funny! I hurt!"

He didn't appreciate the comment that someday he would find it funny.

Needless to say, everyone else I've told thinks its funny.

I find it...telling.

Two new firsts for Gray

Gray has a new word. Upping his total to 3. Mama and Bye has been the extent of his vocabulary for a couple of months.

His new word? "MINE!!!" with a dramatic throw of whatever is in his right hand across his body to over his left shoulder.

Totally cute.

The other first?

He threw himself on the ground and had a temper tantrum.

Also totally cute.