October 3rd, 2010

What a Weekend!

This past weekend was the first of four weekends away for LifeWays Training. It was awesome! We were at Hill of the Hawk Farm in Big Sur for a total of 49 hours and my goodness what we packed in!
  • Silk scarf, wool roving, and wool yarn dyeing (natural and acid dyes)
  • 3 beautiful lunches
  • 3 beautiful hikes with stunning views of the ocean
  • 2 mornings of being woken up to the sound of rain on my tent
  • a spectacular sunset
  • 2 candlelit dinners
  • lots of singing
  • tomato canning
  • 2 warm breakfasts
  • knitting
  • apron sewing
  • 4+ hours in the car with 2 wonderful women
  • 1 really cold shower!!!
  • informative movie watching
  • Festival exploration
  • 2 sessions of Spatial Dynamics (gentle movement, raises a sweat though!)
  • Healthy eating/cooking lectures
  • Food prep!
  • 1 nature observation/journaling exercise
  • Hunting in the garden for luscious tomatoes
  • Hunting for Gold (potatoes in the earth)
  • 2 persnickety sewing machines
  • 1 rowdy dog
  • 2 adorable cats
  • Lots of chatting about life, children, home life, families, Steiner, Waldorf Education (several of my classmates are Waldorf Teachers, including one who knows labelleizzy ), husbands, in-laws, etc, etc
  • 7 breast pumping sessions

It was a very full, lovely, relaxing weekend. I didn't want to go home and yet I did. I missed my family, but as we drove back into "civilization" I could just feel the tension coming back into my body. Not good. But it was wonderful and I am looking forward to the next weekend in January.