October 23rd, 2010

Writer's Block: Family planning

If you wanted to have children and had trouble conceiving, would you be more likely to consider IVF, surrogacy, or adoption, and why?

Before we had kids, we knew that conceiving might be a problem. But we were open to adoption, but not the other two. Why? The other two are a LOT of money with no guarantee of a baby. My goal was to become a parent not to have a baby (which is something I think many people forget when they start thinking about having children). I'd rather spend the money knowing I'd get a baby...and yea, yea. I hear about bio-mothers changing their minds...hello? There are a whole LOT of babies and kids in the foster system that need a good home. We were going to get one that way. (In fact, we had just started the process to do so when I turned up with an unassisted pregnancy. (i.e. Gray)) And we still might do that!