October 31st, 2010


182. Loving What Is: Four Questions that can Change your Life by Byron Katie
'Nother self-help book. Mentioned by Wayne Dyer in one of his lectures so I decided to swipe it from the library and read it. Good stuff and useful I think.

183. A Warm and Gentle Welcome: Nurturing Children from Birth to Age 3, The Gateways Series Five Edited by Trice Atchinson & Margaret Ris
Gateways is a publication by WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America) and this is a series of articles pulled from that publication and republished around a theme. Although it wasn't on the required reading list for Lifeways, it seemed like it would be a good read when I spotted it at the Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore. So I grabbed it. I was right, it was a good read. And I received photocopies of 4 articles in it during my last class. Awesome articles. And some things are not only applicable to working with that age group, but with children beyond. I enjoyed this one very much.

184. The Ugly Pumpkin by Dave Horowitz
I thought this was a Halloween story. Wrong! Its a Thanksgiving Story. Very cute.

I'm doing a very bad job of keeping up on all the picture books I keep reading. I keep returning them to the library before I blog them down. Bad Jen.

185. Divine Misdemeanors by Laurel K. Hamilton
An excuse to write Fairy sex. Lightweight and a fun read.