February 9th, 2011

Online Waldorf Resources

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General Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner Archive: http://www.rsarchive.org/Search.php
There are lots of books and articles written by Steiner. Searchable by subject, lecture series, book, etc

Rudolf Steiner Audio: http://www.rudolfsteineraudio.com/
An amazing number of Steiner’s books in MP3 format. Free! Awesome resource.

The Online Waldorf Library http://waldorflibrary.org/pg/home/home.asp
Large database of Journal articles, books and newsletters written by Waldorf Teachers, Anthro Doctors and friends of Waldorf Education. All Free!

Organic Thinking: http://www.organicthinking.org/default.html
An interesting website with articles and other items on HOW to read Steiner.

Anthroposophical Society in America http://www.anthroposophy.org/
There are lots of articles and blog entries about modern Anthroposophy. There is also information about regional groups and local study groups. Our local group doesn’t seem to be too active. Also, the Society maintains a library that is free for members. You can request books and they will ship them to you. You have 3 months to return them.

Philosophy of Freedom http://www.philosophyoffreedom.com/
Study Groups, handouts, video’s…all pertaining to Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom.

AnthroMed http://www.anthromed.org/
Anthroposophical Medicine Database. "The AnthroMed Library now has over 600 articles, documents and research papers and books."

Waldorf Education
Why Waldorf Works http://www.whywaldorfworks.org/
Front page of the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America. This website maintains pointers to Teacher Training Colleges and all the schools in North America. There is also a bookstore and this is where you can buy a subscription to Renewal Magazine, a Waldorf Education Magazine aimed for parents of children in the schools.

WECAN http://www.waldorfearlychildhood.org/
Website for the International Waldorf Early childhood association.

Millennial Child  http://www.millennialchild.com/
Website of Master Waldorf Teacher Eugene Schwartz. There is lots of good stuff on this site: articles, free podcasts, homeschooling resources, resources for Waldorf Teachers, and parents.

Waldorf Teacher http://www.waldorfteachers.com/
Job searching site for teachers, but there are lots of amazing pictures of blackboard drawings.

Straight Line and Curve http://www.straightlineandcurve.co.uk/
Poems and verses database.

Waldorf Homeschooling
A Little Garden Flower and Waldorf Essentials http://shop.beaconmama.com/main.sc
Waldorf inspired curriculum written by long time Homeschooling Mama of four (soon five) Melisa Nielsen. She also carries Sieglinde de Francesca’s Block Crayon Drawing Book and DVD as well as a Music Curriculum written for the American Penny whistle using Steiner’s indications as its basis. Melisa also offers consulting and over 50 podcasts for sale. Lastly, Melisa runs an Inner Work program aimed at Mothers. Curriculum from Pre-school through 6th grade is for sale.

Christopherus http://www.christopherushomeschool.org/home/.html
This curriculum is written by Donna Simmons, Waldorf Grad and Waldorf High School Teacher. She not only sells curriculum but consulting, forums, and podcasts on various subjects. Curriculum from pre-school through 6th grade is for sale

Live Education http://www.live-education.com/
Written by Rainbow Rosenblum and Bruce Bischof, both trained Waldorf Teachers. Basic consulting is included in the price of the curriculum. Curriculum from Kindergarten through 8th grade is for sale.

Enki http://www.enkieducation.org/index.htm
A mixture of Waldorf and Montessori curriculum, kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Earthschooling http://thebearthinstitute.memberlodge.com
This curriculum is written by a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher who is homeschooling her own children. Grades preschool through 6th grade is offered.

Seasons of Joy http://naturalfamily.50megs.com/index.html
Preschool curriculum

Little Acorn Learning http://littleacornlearning.com/
Preschool/Childcare guides.

The WaThe Waldorf Connection http://thewaldorfconnection.com
Like an online conference...you can purchase podcasts of lectures from all sorts of homeschoolers and Waldorf teachers.

Waldorf without Walls http://www.waldorfwithoutwalls.com/
Homeschooling books/curriculum written by Waldorf Teacher Barbara Dewey


There are a LOT of Waldorf blogs out there, these are some favorites.

Parenting Passageway http://theparentingpassageway.com/
Blog written about Waldorf Parenting by a homeschooling Mama.

Wee folk art http://weefolkart.com/
LOTS of free crafting ideas and patterns. Waldorf Homeschooling Mama and Grandma.

Waldorf Reviews waldorfreviews.com
This blog is written by a Waldorf Teacher, she gives her input on books, supplies, curriculum, and toys.

Rhythm of the Home http://rhythmofthehome.com/
An online Waldorf inspired magazine, which is free and published quarterly. Covers Rhythm, festivals, crafts, homelife. 


A Child’s Dream Come True http://achildsdream.com/
Awesome place to buy books, toys, crafting supplies, and art supplies.

Paper, Scissor, Stone http://www.waldorfsupplies.com/
Another really good supply store.

Weir Crafts http://www.weirdollsandcrafts.com/
Lots of good stuff about doll making and other crafts.



Bob and Nancy’s http://www.waldorfbooks.com/
An Anthroposophical Bookstore. If its vaguely about Waldorf or Anthroposophy…they carry it.

 Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore http://www.steinercollege.edu/store/
Up in Fair Oaks…they carry not only books, but toys, crafts, and supplies. Definitely a fun place to go shopping if you ever get up to that area of Sacramento.

Yahoo Groups
HomeschoolingWaldorf http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschoolingwaldorf/?yguid=61030622
This is moderated by Melisa from A little Garden Flower. All aspects of Waldorf Life, whether you homeschool or not, are open for discussion. This is a great group for anyone who wants to understand Waldorf Education or Anthroposophy. Over 1100 members including a bunch of Waldorf Teachers.

This is moderated by Marsha Johnson, a Waldorf Teacher up in Portland. She is VERY strict about what kind of discussion is allowed. If it doesn’t apply directly to Waldorf Education, she will ask that it be taken off line. Even general questions about how to implement rhythm and basics of everyday living are verboten. However, her FILES section is filled with a TON of stuff regarding curriculum. All sorts of blocks for all different grades…all for free.

The Bearth Institute also has about 3 yahoo groups depending upon what level you join/pay for.

SF_Waldorf_Homeschoolers http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sf_waldorf_homeschoolers/?yguid=61030622
Local Homeschooling Group. Not very active, but its reaching out to local people

Waldorf Curriculum Discuss
If you have any questions regarding the curriculums out there…this is the place to ask. You will get lots of opinions

Waldorf curriculum supplies
It may say curriculum…but people will also sell clothing, toys, parenting books…good stuff!

The fun section

The Ark: two stores in San Francisco, one in Berkeley

 Etsy etsy.com
Think Ebay for crafters. If you are looking for a Waldorf Doll, you will find LOTS of people selling them here. Wooden toys? Here. Handmade clothing? Handmade Toys? Beeswax Candles? Hand dyed play silks? All here. Usually small companies who don’t have a regular store. Lots of good deals…and you are usually supporting work at home moms. I buy most of my toys from people on etsy.

The Wooden Wagon thewoodenwagon.com
Importers of German made toys, candle pyramids, birthday rings, and other wooden paraphernalia. Good prices! I buy from this company if I can’t find something on Etsy.

Nova Naturals novanatural.com
Owned by a LifeWays Graduate. Good stuff too.

Three Sisters http://www.threesisterstoys.com/default.aspx
Business run by a WAHM.

Rosie Hippo rosiehippo.com      
One of the first mainstream Waldorf Toy companies…sends out paper catalogs to make it easy for Grandparents to shop.

 Magic Cabin magiccabin.com
See above.

Puppenstube http://www.thepuppenstube.com/
I just found this one! Dolls, Gnome Homes, and wooden figures…beautiful!