May 4th, 2012

Status of Me

-Allergies suck.
-Peanut has fleas. And he keeps crapping on the floor at night. I crated him last night and got a bad night sleep due to the crying from the crate.
-I've been up late every night this week despite efforts to go to bed early.
-Ike is not sleeping due to allergy attack and is cranky as hell. Gray keeps taking naps late in the afternoon and is up all night (which is why I'm up late.)
-One class done as of last night (Final grade of B. I just don't give a damn about this program anymore. I just want my units. As long as I pass, I'm happy).
-One class yet to go, but I only have 2 projects due for it left. (I figured I could still get a B in the class without reading the textbook. Awesome. I'll have to skim it for content to write the final reflection paper.)
-One more weekend of Foundation Studies.
-Four weeks left of school and I still have to teach 3rd grade how to crochet.
-I've had a RSI flare for the last 2 weeks. OW.
-I need to figure out how to pay for Teacher Training.

Other than that...all is pretty good.