May 6th, 2012

Is the technology worth it?

Last week I found a Nook Simple Touch on sale at Target for $79.99. I've been wanting an e-reader for awhile, and I chose a Nook because it uses the standard epub format unlike the propritary Kindle format. So then I could "borrow" books from the library. (they haven't quite gotten there yet with Kindle.)

I got it home. It couldn't find the wi-fi connection in the house. Or rather it couldn't use it. So I couldn't even register the damn thing so I could update the software so it could use the house wi-fi. I took it to school with me on Thursday, was able to access their wi-fi, and register the brick. Brought it home, updated the software. Brick still can't use the house wi-fi.

So. Is it worth it for me to keep it?? I also uploaded several of the .pdf's I wanted handy (which is really why I wanted the Brick.). And they are unreadable (old scanned books, rather than computer generated documents turned into .pdf.)

I have a Brick. It can't use the house wi-fi. And I can't read the documents I want to read on it.

I think I want my $80.00 back.