May 24th, 2012

MnM Ike

The Hilarity and The Awesomeness of Ike

Okay, first up, an opportunity to laugh at him.

Then an opportunity to say "Awwwww"

Yesterday afternoon the ice cream man came by our house. Gray was asleep. I bought him a Spiderman ice cream thinking he'd like it. Well, when I tried to give it to him after dinner, he refused saying he didn't like it. Ike stepped up to the plate, and offered (without any prompting from me!) to trade ice creams with him so that both of them would have ice cream to eat.

Now that's an awesome big brother!

I cannot make this shit up!

Yesterday, I went with the Third Grade on a field trip to a teacher's house. Sra. Carmina has a beautiful garden. Ike was sitting in my lap and as I was perusing the garden contents I said

"Hey, Ike. Look! Mastershalums!"
Owner of House hears this and says "They are called Nasturtiums."
I reply with a straight face.
"Not these. They are called Mastershalums. Christopher Robin told me."

I confused the poor man.

Ike and I however started to laugh.
MnM Ike

Freudian Slip, 9 Year old Style

Somebody recently introduced Ike to "Slug Bug!"

The girls have a hard time with this. They keep calling out "Slug Bug!" when they see a Prius. (Goodness knows there's enough of them here). With the last Prius mis-call, Ike spoke up saying "I've never called a penis "Slug Bug!""

I laugh. "Its Prius Ike, not Penis!"