May 28th, 2012

A weekend

Gaming party that ended in the hot tub? Awesome.
Having friends from out of town stay for two nights? Awesome.
Not getting enough sleep? Worth it.
Going to church anyway? Thoughtful.
Having a day to recover? Amazing!
Doing all the damn laundry? Productive.
Running everyone ragged so that they get sick? Normal.

I'm glad I have tomorrow off...a couple of the kids may need to stay home to finish coughing the crap in their lungs out. =\

That's a lot of laundry

Nine loads today. Would have been eight, but Magic the cat decided to crap on my bed. Thank goodness she decided to do so on the top blanket only. (It's payback for shutting her in the bedroom. Which was done on accident.)

Four children asleep. Two feverish and coughing badly. Gray is having problems breathing again, so I got out the albuterol from 2 weeks ago and gave him a couple of puffs and put him to bed. I think I am very glad I have tomorrow off. I really don't think Ike is going to school tomorrow. He sounds awful. Damn shame too, as there's only four day of school left. (Holy Crap! When the hell did the end of the school year sneak up on me like that???) And he has a LOT of work left to do! Technically, there's only 3 days of school in which to do work. Graduation and party is most of day Friday.

Oh. And I have a job interview/family contract negotiation scheduled for the afternoon of June 9 at school. Still not sure which job I am applying for, but I'm hoping to have a full time job at the children's school for the next academic year. It will just make life that much more insane. =)