June 10th, 2012

Purge 2012: Day 6

Master Bedroom Day 3(?)

Today Joe decided to purge his closet and dresser. He went through all his clothes and filled 2 garbage bags of clothes for Goodwill. Go Joe! He still needs to rediscover the top of his dresser and the shelf in his closet. We might get to one or both of those tonight. I'm hoping to pull the dressers away from the walls and sweep the floor. I'm sure there are huge clans of the Vorpal Dustbunnies hiding under there.

I also had him pull all the stuff of the shelf in my closet. I filled a bag and a half of stuff to go to Goodwill. Go Me! I am now done with my stuff in the master bedroom. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff ended up in the spare room. We've decided to keep it as a spare room for the moment. We like having a room with an extra bed (and a lock) for guests, friends...whatever. But that means we need to purchase another dresser for the Boys room. The dresser that's in there now is small and barely big enough to hold all of Ike's clothes. If I want to get Gray's clothes out of the spare room (so I can use that antique for storage of my art/craft stash) we need a place to put his clothes. So we are either going to buy another small dresser (cheap) or buy one big dresser (costs more). There's room for either another small dresser or we can rearrange it to get more wall space to put in a bigger one. I'm leaning towards another small one, so the boys don't have to share.

One of the things I love about the spare room is the built in counter and shelves. That room was once used as a craft room by a former owner. It was a big selling point for me, as it's currently a perfect set up as a changing table. As the counter is tall enough for Joe and me not to kill our backs while changing children. Once we get Gray potty trained (and school starts in the fall) a lot of the diapers, wipes and various baby things can continue to move out and the shelving will be available for art/craft supplies. Eliminating the need for more furniture in that room so we can keep it as a spare room (Whew!). 

Last night Joe and I had a date. (Whee!) Our church had it's annual auction last night. We ended up with a pair of San Jose Opera tickets for Die Fledermouse (I've never seen an opera live before and have always wanted to go), two tickets to Great America at about 60% off, and a couple of dinners with other members. We offered up a couple of movie nights that we are going to end up hosting in our house. Since less than 10 people signed up for both, our living room will hold that easily. Its a very silly night with lots of commentary from the crowd. We are too broke to hire a real auctioneer, so two members took turns. They had this very silly hat they passed back and forth between the two of them, and at one change, Joe and I yelled out "Griffyndor!" which made the house laugh. The other big laugh I got for the night was when the auctioneer apologized for spelling Joe's name as Jo for the entire booklet. I yelled out "It's no big deal, it just means I'm a lesbian now". All in all it was a good night and we had a great time.