June 12th, 2012

MnM Librarian

Book Review

The Intentional Spinner by Judith McCuin

I'm not a spinner...or at least not a hardcore spinner. I kinda know what I'm going with a drop spindle and we'll leave it at that. I picked up this book at the library on a whim because I wanted to see what it said. The first four chapters or so are invaluable for any yarn/fiber enthusiast. The author goes through each type of yarn, how its made and what its good for. Then she goes through all the different types of fibers (plant, animal, man made) talks about the harvesting process, the carding process, and what the resulting yarn is good for. Awesome stuff! Worth borrowing from the library for that information alone. I learned an incredible amount and will be able to make some more interesting choices for yarn for my next project.