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AFA calls for Campbells Boycott

Which joedecker  posted about here.

So I followed the link, and went to the AFA site and sent this letter.

Dear President Conant:

I request that Campbell Soup Company continue to promote tolerance and equality and remain active and positive in the culture war.  I certainly hope you will honor my request by placing more ads in Queer publications like "The Advocate" and other mainstream National Media. Campbell's should take sides in a political battle, and please continue to put your efforts in producing the finest products you can. (BTW can you make a few Gluten-Free ones for us Celiacs? I miss my chicken soup! Thank you!)

I will tell American Family Association to shove their intolerance up their collective asses. I would love to continue to purchase your products. Thank you for taking the high road!



Should you want to send an email directly to the Campbells President its:
I liked the idea of hijacking AFA site, but there's no way in hell I want them getting my contact info.

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