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Cheap funny music concert.

Being hosted by the Palo Alto Unitarian Univeralist Church. Joe and I are seriously thinking of going...this is the man who came up with the song "Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual"



If you missed Roy Zimmerman at Di strict Assembly, this is your big chance!  And if you heard him then, you already know you want to hear him again.

"PeaceNick" is the satirical songwriter's send-up of the joys, pains and absurdities of the holiday season.  It's ninety minutes of family-friendly, hilarious and heartfelt songs.

Half the proceeds go to the programs of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto.  Children of all ages welcome, childcare an option for infants/toddlers.  Di rections to UUCPA are at

Happy "Christma-Hanu-Rama-Ka-Dona-Kwaanza"!


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