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Well this sucks

It's 1 something in the morning and I'm wide awake.


This happened last night too. I sleep about 5 hours, somebody disturbs me, I wake up enough to realize I have to go pee, which wakes me up all the way. I'm back to my old sleep patterns, where once I'm up, I'm up. It takes me what seems like an awfully long time to get back to sleep.

I'm starting to reach that stage of its hard to get comfortable to sleep. The fact that I'm sharing my bed with 1-3 extra people just might have something to do with it. It wouldn't be so bad except for the CPAP. I need that thing to sleep, and I'm not sure there's a place I can safely put the dumb thing in Ike's room, else I'd go sleep in his bed.

So I'm up. I'm sore and achy, I'm sleepy, and my nose is running.

Gonna be a long night.

I need to teach the kids to stay in their own beds. I knew I was going to have to...but I wasn't looking forward to it.
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