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2008 Stitching Year in Review and 2009 Goals

So, last November (I think) I set up another 10-25-50 Challenge List, here it is as it currently stands.

1 Simple Elegance by Just a thought WIP
2 Cat Redwork by Bird Brain
3 Imagination by Szulet WIP
4 Dragonal Seasons by Dette
5 Poinsetta in a Pot Stumpwork
6 Swirly Sampler by Bent Creek DONE! 6/8/08
7 3-d Paper Basket EGA Monthly project
8 Blah by Monsterbubbles DONE! 1/12/08
9 Bouquet Table Runner by Bird Brain
10 Hen Party Table Topper by Dutch Treat
11 Chicken Run by Nadel Faden DONE! 12/7/08
12 Mermaid Canvas by M. Murphy
13 Easter Bunny Ornament Canvas
14 Sewing Bee Pin Cushion by Bird Brain
15 Carnation Sampler by Aion Designs
16 Rose Sampler by Aion Designs
17 Flower Sprinkles-Sissors Fob
18 Flower Sprinkles-Needle Book
19 Castle Sissors Fob DONE! 4/27/08
20 Acorn Harvest Thread Keeper by Historic Stitches
21 New Beginning
22 Fleur des anges by DKS DONE! 5/28/08
23 Garden Plot Thickens by Amy Mitten WIP
24 Star Maiden by Stitchy Witches WIP
25 Thimble Creek Ornament (1 of 4)

I wanted 10 off the list, I got 5. But I also added in the caveat that for the 10-25-50 challenge that if I stitched something that I kitted up completely from my stash and spent less than $5.00 to get going, it counted for something else and I could strike off one item on my list. With that in mind I kitted and finished 6 items completely from stash. Woo HOO! Stash reduction is a wonderful thing.

So the Finished list looks like this
1. Blah by Monsterbubbles 1/12/08
2. Apple Ornament 3/13/08
3. Apple Ornament 3/15/08
4. Primitive Hearts 3/21/08
5. Castle Scissors Fob 4/27/08
6. Scissors Fob 5/3/08 (there was enough materials from the Castle Fob, I just stitched another rather than toss the materials.)
7. Fleur des anges by DKS 5/28/08
8. Swirly Sampler by Bent Creek 6/8/08
9. Chicken Run by Nadel Faden 12/7/08
10. Pointsetta Ornament 12/5/08
11. Wool Penny Rug 1/1/09 (I'm still listing it here, I was hoping to sneak it in on NYE, but people still came over knowing the kids were here.)

My goal for 2009? Continue on the 10-25-50 challenge, focusing on those WIPS and the other WIPs I've listed in an Elimination Challenge on the Legacy Guild. Here's the list

1. Star Maiden by Witches Stitches 40% done
2. Garden Plot Thickens (BBAP) by Amy Mitten 25% done
3. Simple Elegance by Judy Odell 40% done
4. Penny Wool Penny Rug 50% done DONE! 1/1/09
5. Imagination 1% done (This is actually closer to 90% done as of this morning. I've got 1.5 letters left to stitch
6. Kei's Parfait sampler 55% done

These things actually haven't been started yet, but I still want to stitch them this year. The rules for this challenge said I could list 10 WIPS. I had/have less than that. So I added

7. Many Years Sampler (HA!)  (This is a BAP, this is lower on my list than Garden Plot)
8. Grayson's Santa Redwork Stocking

And I'm going to add to the list just for fun. (Because I only listed 8 when the challenge was posted)
9. Carnation Quaker
10 A special day gift for a particular someone who actually reads this blog

I also want to finish (either framing or other finishing technique) 10 items in my To Finish Stack I've got frames for 2 things I just need some time to sit down and do it. I've got plans and supplies for about 4 others...again, I need time to just do it.  And just to list them
I have frames for
1. Fleur des Anges
2. Swirly Sampler (a wrench has been thrown into this one. In moving my craft/stitching supplies, I lost the charm that I needed to add to the sampler for it to be done. Its not expensive ($3), but it takes 12 weeks to get my hands on another. I'll search for it later)
3. Cookies Santa (I need to find a fat half cut of some red wool felt to finish)
4. Chicken Run (I have all the materials, I just need to cut the acid free foam core)
5. Anything else in my To Finish Box

And just for a bonus, I just noticed that I didn't list anything in my goals off the 10-25-50 List.

I'll have to fix that. =)

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